5 Ways To Clock In A Workout Session In Your Busy Schedule

With our busy work life in Singapore, finding the time to get some exercise into our day can seem impossible. After spending time for work, family and rest, getting yourself to visit the gym is not easy at all, and we know that. But, with some creative ways to twig around your exercise regimen and with the aid of good home gym equipments, we feel that it’s actually not all that impossible to get some calories burnt every few days in a week.

Start with a goal of increasing the amount of physical movement you do in a week and take it step by step to performing more intense exercises. Most importantly, be proud of the little baby steps you manage to make possible especially at the beginning stages! With the new year, it will be a good start to your fitness resolutions.

Let us help you further with 5 simple ways with which you can squeeze in a workout in your busy daily routine.

1) Get it over with in the morning

You would have realized that when you spend time after work in the evenings to exercise, that most of your free time in the day is used up solely for that. Getting back after work, having a reasonable workout and then having dinner after already puts you back right on time for bed. This doesn’t sound very motivating does it?

Exercising in the morning leaves your evenings for your personal time. With a little planning the night before mainly regarding breakfast, you can simply get up about 30 minutes earlier to have a good 20 minute workout before you shower and leave to work. This is a hard habit to get used to, we understand that, but once you’re on track it leaves your evenings free for you, your family and your hobbies. This sets a positive mindset towards exercising and  we assure you, sticking to this plan would be a lot easier in the long run!

2) Use your recreation to help you

Love to catch up on your television series after work? Instead of taking this time to just be a couch potato, spend about 15 minutes out of the hour long series to get some exercises done. Use resistance bands, dumbbells or simply your body weight to do a quick circuit. You can also play the advertisement game by clocking in as many reps as you can during a commercial break.

3) Stressed at work? Escape during lunch!

Having small meals throughout the day and exercising during your lunch hour is a feasible idea if you are catching up with other things to do in the mornings and evenings. A good workout during lunch keeps you awake for the rest of the day when all of your colleagues are falling asleep too!

4) Choose the right type of exercises

With the aid of a complete set of home gym equipment, you can create several variations of quick and intense workouts that last for about 15 to 20 minutes but burn as much as calories as a 1 hour workout. Get some tips on high intensity interval training (HIIT) and circuit training and expand your workout regime from there. Mixing up equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands along with your body weight for such training really works different groups of muscles such a short span of time.

5) Weekends are your back up

If you feel you have not worked out enough for the week, use both Saturday and Sunday to make up for the loss. Sure, we need to rest before Monday starts again, but spending about 1 hour in total for both days is not a lot you are asking from yourself for the sake of your health! Plus, given you have a gym at home, the hassle of travelling to one to workout is automatically eliminated!



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