Foam Rollers – A Beautiful Collaboration

Foam Rollers – A Brief Overview

Foam Rolling is a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy and fit body. In fact, almost every professional athlete would foam roll regularly. We run the risk of injuries and performing at less than our peak if we do not regularly release our muscles. Whether you are a serious athletes or just a regular person, foam rolling will be beneficial for you. Typically, “knots” which are areas of tightness in our muscles, forms in different parts of our bodies as we go about our daily activities.

No, you’re not exempt even if you don’t exercise! If you work a desk bound job, the most common areas of tightness will be in your lower back, hip flexors, and your neck. As we spend long hours in front of the computer, these areas of tightness start to form, and if we do not release these knots regularly, they will cause us pain and injuries as these muscles become imbalanced.

You need to foam roll even more if you exercise regularly. For those of us who exercise regularly, it can be even more important to foam roll. This is because frequent exercise will create areas of tension, which are usually caused by overexertion, or an irregular use of a muscle group. When these areas are tight, they will affect our athletic performance and cause injuries if we’re not careful. The most common example would be the squat exercise, which requires you to have very flexible hip flexor and quadriceps muscles. If those areas are tight, the squatter might compensate by having poor posture while squatting, which leads to injuries. Using a foam roller to release these points not only leads to better well being and decreased injury rates, the flexibility would probably increase your athletic performance.

Our Collaboration With Myotrigger Foam Rollers

Because we understand the importance of foam rolling, we reached out to the folks at MyoTrigger Foam Rollers to bring you 3 of the most incredible foam rollers. These foam rollers have been vetted by our team, and they are probably the best value foam rollers you can find anywhere. Best of all, they are situated locally which means that should you have any problems with the product, and you need to claim their Warranty, you wouldn’t have any problems with that.

Their rollers are very popular with athletes and have been used by almost everyone from Marathoners to professional athletes. We hope you’ll enjoy them like we have!


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