Shopping Guide To Starting A Home Gym

Not enough time in the gym? Too crowded? Too busy working or spending time with your family? Starting a home gym can be as simple as getting a pair of dumbbells and a barbell set in Singapore. A barbell gives you the advantage of lifting more weights while dumbbells are more flexible and allow you greater range of training motion. Hence, if you are enthusiastic about keeping fit for the new year, you should start with an adjustable combination that allows you to switch easily between a barbell set and a pair of dumbbells.

An adjustable barbell/dumbbell set is the best choice to start a home gym as it is affordable and versatile for anyone who is keen on doing progressive training with full intensity. All you need is a pair of chrome handles, a barbell and a suitable number of weight plates to make your ideal set. You can also get an affordable gym bench and rack for better support and enhanced training intensity.

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Technical specifications

Make sure your plates are compatible with your bars and handles in diameter. There are two main types: Olympic and standard sizes. Only standard size applies to home gym as Olympic plates are too big for most homes in Singapore. The two standard sizes are 28 mm and 25 mm in diameter for the bars. It is important to first decide on a standard size based on your gender: 28 mm for men and 25 mm for women. After that, get weight plates with holes slightly larger than your bar in diameter so they can be loaded smoothly without being loose.  For instance, ask your seller for exact diameter, which should be 29mm if you are getting a 28mm plate. To make it easy for our readers to shop, all of our free weight equipment, including the racks, dumbbells and barbells, is compatible with the standard 28 mm size!

Weight plates

Cast iron plate is one of the cheapest types out there, but it lacks the rubber coating it needs to protect your floor from damage. This means you have to train in an area where there is floor mat. Not only is floor mat expensive and cumbersome to install, you also need to choose the right type that is thick enough to absorb the impact. In addition, cast iron plates can make a lot of clanking noise so you have to moderate your training intensity especially when others are nearby. This also applies to chrome weight plates which may look shiny but are not practical choice for hardcore training.

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Cast iron                                                    Rubber( stainless steel core)                                                              PVC/ Plastic   

Rubber-coated iron plates cost slightly more but it is a much better value for money when comes to training at home. The rubber coating protects your dumbbells from corrosion and impact, allowing you to train harder and more effectively. This ensures your weight plates can last longer and harder to wear. The downside is that most rubber coatings tend to use recycled tires and other chemicals in their manufacturing process, so they produce potentially toxic odor that can linger in your room. Instead, get natural rubber weight plate for your dumbbells, which is odorless and safe for human health, especially when there are kids around. In addition, our rubber plates have a stainless steel ring which allows extremely easy loading  without shredding the rubber.


Like natural rubber plates in dumbbells, PVC plates are environmentally friendly but also extremely cheap. They are usually sold in 2-in-1 sets which consist of a pair of dumbbells that can be converted into a barbell.  However, its clunky look feels cheap and unconventional to train with, particularly for serious bodybuilders who are used to training with rubberized  or cast iron dumbbells. They may cost less but will not stand the test of time once the plastic coating starts to crack. In any case, this is most suitable for budget conscious, casual users who want to start training with dumbbells and barbells.

Dumbbell handles

All of our dumbbell handles are made of iron electroplated with shiny chromium to protect its surface from corrosion. They have reinforced thickness with rubberized center for optimal grip and comfort, so you can train hard without feeling pain!

The two most common lengths of handles in dumbbells are 14 inch and 16 inch. The 14 inch allows you to hold up to 4 plates on each side while the 16 inch can allow up to 5 plates. Get the 16 inch if you believe you can progress beyond the maximum limit of 14 inch, so you don’t have to buy longer one next time. Otherwise, a 14” handle is more affordable and suitable for most beginners and intermediate users.

In conclusion, you should get our rubberized weight plates with a pair of handles for dumbbells as well as a barbell bar.  This combination is proven to be most popular among our customers who are keen on starting their home gym in Singapore!

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