Which Dumbbell is Right for You?

Dumbbells and Barbells are the foundation of weight training. That’s why it’s essential to get the correct set of dumbbells for your training purposes. If you’re currently still thinking over which type of dumbbells to get, here’s some information that we hope will help you out greatly.

When it comes to purchasing a dumbbell, you basically have to choose between two simple options. The first option would be to purchase an entire set of dumbbells which are usually either the hex dumbbells or the circular dumbbells. The second option would be to get some adjustable dumbbells.

Fixed Dumbbell Sets or adjustable dumbbell sets – A Comparison

The Case for Fixed Dumbbell Sets

1. Convenience and Efficiency

When it comes to buying an entire set of dumbbells, the biggest advantage that’ll come to mind is the convenience, and the ability to quickly change between different sets of weights while doing your workout. This is something that most professional bodybuilders or serious fitness athletes would consider to be the most important factor when getting a dumbbell or barbell. While it might not seem very important to the regular Joe, being able to change weights quickly when doing a set to fatigue can mean the difference between a good workout and a bad one.

Most commercial gyms would also feature dumbbell sets as they would need to satisfy multiple gym goers.

2. Durability 

A hexagonal dumbbell or a circular dumbbell would almost definitely be more durable than the adjustable alternative. This is because the dumbbell weight would be static, and you would not have to switch between weights when you want to increase or decrease weights. This would also mean that the dumbbell is less susceptible to wear and tear.

The Case for Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

1. Cost

Adjustable dumbbell sets are way way cheaper than getting an entire set of dumbbells. The biggest issue with buying several pairs of dumbbells is the cost. Aside from the cost of the dumbbells, there is also the cost of the dumbbell rack to consider this can come in the range of a few hundred dollars. The prices of hexagonal and circular fixed dumbbells are also usually more expensive than adjustable ones. It’s way way more cost effective to purchase a set of adjustable dumbbells. Not only can you use it as a dumbbell, the weights can also be taken out and fixed onto a barbell.

2. Space Saving

Adjustable Dumbbells are definitely more suitable for those who are looking to maximize space. You don’t need several pairs of weights to be able to workout effectively. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, getting an adjustable set would be a better choice. All you need is a small bit of space to store your weight plates, and you’re ready to have your home gym.

3. Versatility

Adjustable Dumbbell Sets can be used for both your dumbbells, barbells and even on the Ez-bar. If you’re going for the hex or circular dumbbells, you’re gonna have to get multiple sets of weights to enjoy the same variety of exercises that an adjustable dumbbell set can give you.

Chrome, Cast-Iron, or Rubberized Dumbbells?

Dumbbells were traditionally made of Iron. Iron dumbbells used to be the most popular choice for people as they are the most cost effective. However, as people started to move their gyms from open-air garage gyms to air-conditioned commercial gyms or even the home gym, the rubberized dumbbells took over as the most popular option.

Rubberized dumbbells are perfect for indoor use because they protect your weights from damage. Rubberized dumbbells also typically have a higher duration of warranty than the pure cast-iron or chrome dumbbells. The rubber protects your furniture and flooring, while also protecting the cast-iron weights encased inside from rusting or cracking from repeated impact. Even though rubber might get deformed from over exposure to heat, your rubberized dumbbells and weights are usually extremely safe if left at home under a sheltered area in a gym.

Your rubberized dumbbells are also more pleasant to workout with as you wouldn’t have to worry about them chipping or damaging anything if you were to let them down hard.

Chrome Dumbbells are basically the luxury edition of the normal dumbbells. Chrome dumbbells are not in any way superior to their rubberized or cast-iron counterparts, but they are usually more expensive. Chrome dumbbells are notorious for being very hard to maintain and clean as they stain easily.

Rubberized dumbbells are now the most popular option for most commercial gyms and home gyms. Because of their superior qualities, they are more pleasant to workout with. Most gyms today will carry the Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbells.

If you are looking for dumbbells for your home gym, the best choice is certainly the rubberized dumbbell set. You can consider the chrome dumbbells if aesthetics are more important than functionality to you.





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