Why Us?

Primero Fitness was started for a very simple reason – To produce genuine high quality gym equipment at an extremely affordable price, specially for home use. We are now the cheapest and best gym store when comes to weights, benches and racks! 

If you’ve bought weights or other equipment before, you’ll surely have noticed by now that many of the items you buy can’t last more than a year or two, at most.

Whether it’s a problem with bad design or poor quality materials, this is a problem that consumers like you frequently face.

Virgin Rubber – A Cheap yet Better Alternative to Recycled Rubber

95% of weight plates use recycled rubber. Recycled rubber is a very cheap alternative to virgin rubber, and they are produced by melting down scrap rubber from used tyres and other rubber products before being chemically treated and used to put on your weights. Many consumers do not know about this as manufacturers do not want consumers to know that they are using substandard materials. Here’s a table of why you should purchase our Virgin Rubber Weights over your typical Recycled Rubber Ones

Primero Virgin Rubber Plates Typical Recycled Rubber Plates
Durability/Lifespan 10 Years or More <2 Years
Impact/Chipping Protection Highly Shock Absorbent and Elastic. Rubber is smooth and consistent. Rubber expands and contracts easily. Stiff and Inelastic. Rubber flakes off. Rubber cracks easily from exposure to temperature changes and regular impact.
Wear and Tear Protection Stainless-Steel Sleeves. Does not rust in humidity or sweat. No Sleeves / Rustable Metal Sleeves . Rusts in humid weather and sweat.
Smell Light/Unnoticeable non-invasive natural rubber smell that fades smoothly over time. Heavy chemically-treated odour that never fades. Not suitable for sensitive noses. Have to be kept away from living quarters.
Look & Feel Aesthetic, consistent rubber coat. Rubber feels springy and smooth. Minimal amount of chemicals applied in production. Shiny stainless steel sleeves. Inconsistent, pockmarked rubber coat. Strong chemical odour and feel. Not suitable for those with sensitive skin. Easily rusted metal sleeves.
Warranty 10 Year Warranty 1 Year or None
Value Once in a lifetime purchase. Changed every 1-2 years.
Unedited Picture of Primero’s Virgin Rubber Weight Plates vs a Typical Weight Plate


A culture of lifelong usability, versatility and value

1. Standardized Hole Sizes for Maximum Versatility

You want your products to be used for a long long time, be versatile and have great value. We want that for you too. That’s why we’ve designed all our plates to have a standard 28mm hole. This means that you do not have to buy extra weight plates when you change between your dumbbells and your bench. Whether it’s the dumbbell, barbell, or ez-bar, our weights will fit in.

2. Ultra Strengthened 28mm Barbells – Probably the strongest in Singapore

We know you want to get the most out of your purchase. That’s why we’ve specially strengthened our 28mm barbells to withstand as much weight as possible. What this means is that you won’t have to ever change your barbells as you get stronger – unless you’re as strong as an olympic lifter! Our barbells can hold up to 200kg of weight, more than double your traditional ones.

3. Multi-functional, Space Saving and Home Friendly Concepts

Space is certainly one of the most important considerations in Singapore. That’s why our products are made to be multi-functional and space saving. Many of our products can be used interchangeably, which means that you don’t need that much space for your workouts. Our products are also made to protect against furniture and floor damage, so rest assured when you purchase our items.

4. Direct From Factory, Strictest Quality Standards

Many retailers source their products from resellers and wholesalers. Unlike them, Primero Fitness works directly with many factories, bringing you the best prices, the highest quality products that have gone through strict rounds of inspection and quality control. We have exclusive relationships with many factories which allows us to negotiate the best for you.

5. Produced with Durability in mind

All our products come with a warranty. Some of them are 5 years, while others are 10 years. We have very high standards on our products and we want you to know that we are with you for the long run. When you buy from Primerofitness.com.sg, you are not just purchasing a product, you are purchasing a lifelong relationship with us.Check our policy for warranty and returns here


Pre-Order Notice

We are currently having a pre-order sales until the 20th of December, 2016. Products purchased before this period will only be processed on the 20th and delivered on the 21st and 22nd. Up to 50% Off our products.

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